Evidence-based psychological services tailored to individuals, families, and organizations


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Counseling with kids and adults to address challenges like anxiety and perfectionism, social disconnection, attention/learning difficulties, or life transitions. More →

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Testing for adults to identify characteristics of autism in areas like social relationships, emotional responses, sensory interests, language, and communication. More →

Psych for Growth


Helping parents to improve parent-child interactions, decrease child anxiety, and communicate with school about a student’s educational needs. More →

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Educational workshops and presentations to professionals and organizations; clinical supervision and consultation to mental health professionals. More →

I consider the individual and environmental factors that have made someone who they are, including intersecting dimensions of identity
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About Dr. Donovan

Psychology for Growth, P.C., was founded in New York by Dr. Elizabeth Donovan, a licensed Psychologist, certified School Psychologist, and credentialed National Register Health Services Psychologist.  

She has over two decades of work experience with children, teens, and adults in clinical and educational settings in the United States, Europe, and Middle East. 
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Dr. Elizabeth Donovan