Dr. Elizabeth Donovan

I am a licensed Psychologist, certified School Psychologist, and credentialed National Register Health Services Psychologist.

My areas of specialization include clinical counseling, learning and cognition, parent training, and neurodevelopmental and psychological evaluations. Additionally, I am a trained provider in SPACE Treatment (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions).
My PhD is from the APA-accredited School Psychology program at Kent State University. I spent two years in advanced post-doctoral training at the Child Development Center and Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 
Over the years, I have worked and studied across the United States, Europe, and Middle East. Some personal and professional interests include identity exploration, immigration, multilingualism, and adaptation to major life changes.
Outside of private practice, I enjoy teaching and working in educational settings. Most recently, I was an Instructor in NYU's Department of Applied Psychology and the Director of Counseling and Wellness at an independent K-12 school in Manhattan. Find more information at Psychology Today.